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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

265th Pope

We now have a new Papa, Josef Ratzinger, as the 264th successor of St. Peter to whom Christ gave the Keys. Let the Church continue to be guided as it continues its Mission, the Gospel proclaimed and all humanity see Christ their saviour. <><

Pope John Paul II did much to bring down communism as well as improve relationships with other religious circles. He was also a champion of human rights and dignity while reflecting all that Christ taught. It is our earnest prayer that Pope Benedict XVI will continue to respond to the Lord faithfully at the personal, administrative and theological levels. It seems that he will face, more than the previous Pope, issues which society influenced by the western cultural emphasis on personal freedom has demanded the Church in an ever eager way.

Sometimes it hurts to accept reality (ie: truth, facts) but principle matters the most so let us be reminded that steadfastness and faithfulness always win in the end even if now some people view it as unsmart.


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