ELITE generation

Sunday, January 16, 2005

since November 1999

In July 1995, James got a pair of Giorgio Armani glasses. Then in November 1999, he got a pair of Alfred Sung's. Since the frame was not flexible and did not have any spring-joints, they finally snapped and James had to wear his Armani's for at least a week. He bought a pair of MagiFlex for $250 (minus 25%) and paid $180 for lenses. The prescription has not changed much for the past ten years; in fact, only .5 on the right. But the service of this store (located near the upper food court of Metrotown) wasn't up to expectations. James knows better now for next time when he needs to buy prescription glasses. We know that even though his eyesight has been quite stable for so long, it will go on a steeper decline. We only hope that the angle of this decline is not so high that James will become blind by the time he is called off duty.


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