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Monday, January 10, 2005

red eyes

James' left eye started getting red on Thursday. Saturday evening was bothering him when he looked at the monitor for too long. By Sunday morning, he had trouble keeping his eye opened without feeling some kind of itchy irritation. He went to get a bottle of Visine®. It didn't help. Later on next month, James would get word from a licensed (but junior) pharmacist that the eye would be worst off if one was to stop using Visine. Anyway on Monday, during his lunch break, James went to the walk-in clinic by Royal Center's Food Court. He managed to book a 16:30 appointment to see his family doctor the same day (he didn't know this should not be done in consideration of the provincial medical plan). Both doctors prescribed two different medications. James left with only the second doctor's prescription. With this prescription, he bought eyedrops which he applied to his eye. Much of the redness disappeared the very next morning.

(but did not go away completely as of Feb. 14 when this entire posting was created.)

Sometimes the left eye would be more red than other days and would usually disappear after a couple drops. It looks like James will have to contact his family doctor for another prescription as the first one does not offer refills.


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