ELITE generation

Saturday, December 13, 1997

Sixty Years Ago...

...in Nanjing, China.
Were those Japanese leaders and military strategists really "samurai" in mind and spirit? Yes, they succeeded in wiping out a significant portion of their enemy population. But in the end they had failed in their mission to take over their enemy and they had failed in their strategy to weaken the morale of their enemy. Though their bold imperialistic expansionist ambitions may continue with the next generation, this particular mission was an utter failure. Why, then, did they not kill themselves?

And are the cover-ups and historical revisionisms all part of some sort of immortal imperial plan to take over what the Japanese think is theirs even if the rest of the world changes? Did the strategists envision that the world should bow before Japan's rulers?

It is not impossible that this was their plan since the Japanese made a comeback quickly, not by military, but by commercial means.

Yet, we know that as long as we stand on this rotating planet, all worldly powers shall eventually fail to keep the number one spot forever.